ICM Final .09
Currently Untitled (You are Natural or Perception in Motion)  

First, a little bit about the midterm.
I learned from an Visualizing Data Student to look at the Java Buffer Reader; this allowed me to bring in large amounts of data. So, we have progress. But, the work I want to do in both my PhysComp and ICM finals will be connected in that they both explore ideas of perception in motion; and cycles of creation and disintegration in art and in the world in general.

  Key Words:

Persistence of Vision / Eye Tracking

Perception in Motion / Proximity and Motion Tracking

Micro / Essence of Video as a Medium & Braking Down Components of Video and Image Making

Macro / The Larger Experience

Displacement & Disintegration / You Displace Nature (water etc.)

Creation and Motion / Perception and Consciousness of the Physical World, You Create Nature

Residual Mechanisms
Alave Noe, Action in Perception